Студенты и выпускники

Typical College Applicant Profile

Every year ADI receives applications from talented college students and graduates around the world. It is our goal to identify the most talented candidates whose interests and skills match with our needs.

The following information is designed to help you understand if you are a fit with ADI and to make sure that you provide the information we need to assess your capabilities.

Who we are looking for:

The majority of our student and graduate opportunities are in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science. If you have majored in one of these areas you are on the right track with ADI.

Other engineering opportunities may also be available on a limited basis for Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, and Physics majors.

Additionally, we frequently offer opportunities that are suited to students and graduates in Information Systems, Finance, and Human Resources.

Basic Qualifications:

Students and Graduates who are successful in our hiring process are typically full-time students enrolled in BS/MS or PhD program. They maintain a minimum of 3.3 out of a 4.0 overall grade point average, and they are able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of their area of study through our comprehensive technical interviewing process.

Application process:

Students are encouraged to review our Campus Calendar or check with their on campus career services office to determine if we are coming to your campus for our hiring needs. If your school is not on our schedule, we encourage you to review our Graduate Openings or our Co-op and Intern Openings, and apply online.

Candidates who are a match with our current needs will be contacted and invited in for an in depth interview process, and will be given an opportunity to learn more about our company and our career opportunities.