July 2014
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Wideband RF Signal Processing Solutions from Analog Devices

DC to 2 GHz+ Data Acquisition and Digital Signal Synthesis with Superior Dynamic Range Performance

Single-Channel, 12-Bit, 2.5 GSPS, Analog-to-Digital Converter IC

Features best-in-class spurious-free dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio at analog inputs up to 1.8 GHz for defense electronics, RF instrumentation, and communications applications.

SFDR = 76 dBFS at 1.8 GHz AIN;
80 dBc at 1 GHz AIN
SNR = 58 dBFS at 1.8 GHz AIN;
59 dBFS at 1 GHz AIN
Noise floor = –149.5 dBFS/Hz at 2.5 GSPS
Two independent decimate by 8, or decimate by 16 filters with 10-bit NCOs
JESD204B coded 6-lane or 8-lane serial digital output
Small footprint: 12 mm × 12 mm 196-ball, BGA_ED

The AD9625 is production released with samples available.

Wideband RF Signal Processing FMC Module Facilitates Rapid System Prototyping and Development

This FMC module is comprised of the AD9625, 12-bit, 2.5 GSPS, wideband JESD204B analog-to-digital converter, input balun, clock oscillator, power supplies, and production-ready HDL and drivers. With seamless connection to your Xilinx® FPGA development platform ecosystem, you’ll be up and prototyping virtually out of the box.

Kit includes FMC module and fully verified HDL reference designs, drivers, and sample applications ready for integrating directly into your project
Built-in eye analyzer software tool facilitates quick JESD204B interface set-up
On-board ADC, clock tree, power supplies, and input balun—you only supply the analog input
Facilitates risk mitigated, rapid prototyping with Xilinx ML605, KC705, or VC707 FPGA development boards

Learn more about the AD-FMCADC2-EBZ rapid prototyping FMC module.

Visit the AD-FMCADC2-EBZ resource wiki page.

Quad, 16-Bit, 2.8 GSPS, TxDAC+® Transmit DAC IC

Supports >1 GSPS data rates and ultrawide signal bandwidth for emerging wideband and multiband wireless applications.

Industry-leading –164 dBm/Hz noise spectral density
6-carrier GSM IMD = 77 dBc at 75 MHz IF
SFDR = 82 dBc at dc IF, –9 dBFS
Multiple chip synchronization
Selectable 2×, 4×, 8× interpolation filter
JESD204B coded 6-lane or 8-lane serial digital output
12 mm × 12 mm, 88-lead LFCSP

The AD9144 is prereleased with samples available.

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