nanoDACs and DigiPots Uncovered

nanoDACS are the smallest D/A converters in the world, but are also more accurate and consume less power than the competition. Digipots are innovative products that replace mechanical potentiometers. Learn how both can improve system reliability and performance, and how to select the right part for your design.



  • Presenter
  • Padraic O'Reilly and Alan Clohessy

    Applications Engineers

Padraic O’Reilly is an electronic test and measurement applications engineer who is focused on low power precision converter signal chains. Padraic enjoys architecting signal chains that combine technologies from multiple product lines. In the past, Padraic has held various measurement and applications roles. He has expertise in both RF microwave (PLLs, radar, radio transceivers) and precision mixed signal converter systems (DACs, ADCs, ASICs). Padraic holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from the University of Limerick.