FlexMC Kit - Rapid Prototyping Hardware & Software Kit

Boston Engineering FlexMC Kit
(Universal AC Voltage)

The FlexMC Kit Motor Control Development Platform is a rapid development system for any motor control solution. It is a complete hardware and software kit with out-of-the-box functionality for a brushless DC motor with hall sensor, encoder, or sensorless feedback.

Co-developed with Boston Engineering, the Flex MC Kit is designed to minimize your time-to-market while achieving better performance by using Model Based design tools coupled with the ADSP-CM408F Mixed-Signal Control Processor to deliver best-in-class performance. Software libraries and out-of-the-box motor control example demo helps customers jump-start the product development process.

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The FlexMC kit is perfect to reduce your development time and decrease your time to market!

Features Include:

Powerful Processor from Analog Devices

At the core of the FlexMC kit is Analog Devices' ADSP-CM408F Mixed-Signal Control Processor utilizing an ARM Cortex M4 Processor Core integrated with high precision ADCs, digital filters, SRAM, flash memory and a rich set of peripherals.

Development Kit From Boston Engineering

The ADSP-CM408F processor supports a wide range of software development tools. Boston Engineering can provide extensive support, device drivers, and custom software development to help with your motor control implementation.

Featured Development Tools:

  • IAR integrated software development and debugging environment (IDDE)
  • MATLAB/Simulink® Modeling Environment

Model Based Design Process

Modeling and Simulation

The FlexMC Kit is a powerful platform that takes advantage of the flexibility of the MATLAB/Simulink® Modeling Environment with the power of the Analog Devices ADSP-CM408F Mixed-Signal Control Processor, and allows the user to model and implement motor control algorithms for sensor and sensorless motors quickly and easily. In addition, all the inherent abilities of MATLAB, such as digital filter design and fixed point scaling can be utilized and tested in the same environment. Prototype with the power of a PC using MATLAB, then deploy with the FlexMC Kit.
Prototype and Test

The FlexMC Kit has all the hardware and software to spin the included motor with speed control "out of the box". Complete with a PMSM motor, the Boston Engineering drive board, a power supply and the Analog Devices ADSP-CM408F EZLITE Kit, this system will allow you to model your system in MATLAB, generate the C code, compiled with IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM and deploy on the ADSP-CM408F. Or, you can use our C libraries as is! Easy connection to motors and the EZLITE Kit make this system perfect for your prototyping needs.
Solution and Production

After the system has been proven, production ready code is available at the push of a button. The ADSP-CM408F easily has the performance so there is bandwidth and memory left for your application! For a shorter, more robust design cycle, use Model Based Development and the FlexMC kit.


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