1. Data Sheet Errata

Documentation Errata for ADSP-BF592 Blackfin Embedded Processor Data Sheet

Chapter: / Page 44

Doc ID: DOC-1631


The Model in the ADSP-BF592 datasheet, Automotive Products Table is incorrect. The Model is currently listed as ADBF592WYCPZxx. The correct model number is ADBF592WYCPZ4xx.

Chapter: N/A / Page 26

Doc ID: DOC-1755


Table 22 (Serial Ports — Internal Clock) has an incorrect footnote (footnote 1) applied to parameters tHOFSI, tDDTI, and tHDTI. These parameters are in reference to the drive edge of the clock, so footnote 2 is applicable, not footnote1. The accompanying timing diagram in Figure 14 is accurate.

Last Update Date: 2018年02月13日