Documentation Errata for ADSP-BF51x Blackfin® Processor Hardware Reference

Chapter: 2 / Page 2

Doc ID: DOC-1501


In Table 2-1, the ending address for starting address 0xFF80 8000 is incorrect. Instead of 0xFF9F FFFF, the ending address should be 0xFF8F FFFF.

Chapter: 8 / Page 4

Doc ID: DOC-1427


The statement "The reset value of MSEL is 0x5." is incorrect. The reset value of MSEL is actually 0x6.

In addition, in Figure 8-4 on page 8-21, the binary value of the register should be 0000 1100 0000 0000 and the hexadecimal reset value should be 0x0C00.

Chapter: 18 / Page 1

Doc ID: DOC-1532


The SPI Serial Flash chapter now requires the following disclaimer:

Warning: This chapter describes the SPI flash memory in ADSP-BF51x processors whose part numbers end in 4F4. If the part number of your ADSP-BF51x processor ends in 4F16, please consult the product data sheet for accurate information regarding the SPI flash memory.

Chapter: 20 / Page 15

Doc ID: DOC-1758


Under the "1, 2, or 3 External Frame Syncs" heading, the first statement erroneously indicates that the frame sync signals are level-sensitive.

The statement should read "The frame syncs are edge-sensitive signals.".

Last Update Date: 2018年03月15日