Documentation Errata for VisualDSP++® 5.0 C/C++ Compiler and Library Manual for Blackfin Processors

Chapter: 3 / Page 356

Doc ID: DOC-930


The pointer name is not correct in the description or the example.

In the description, change from:

...the pointer is to an array of at least L_TMPNAM characters...

change to:

...the pointer is to an array of at least L_tmpnam characters...

In the example, change from:

char workname[L_TMPNAM];

change to:

char workname[L_tmpnam];

Chapter: 4 / Page 172

Doc ID: DOC-918


In the Algorithm section, the formula for the gen_gaussian function contains an error. Change from:

exp(-0.5 * (alpha * ((n - N/2 - 1/2)/(N/2)))^2)
Change to:
exp(-0.5 * (alpha * ((n - N/2 + 1/2)/(N/2)))^2)

Last Update Date: 2017年05月08日