1. Data Sheet Errata

Documentation Errata for ADSP-2184L/ADSP-2185L/ADSP-2186L/ADSP-2187L DSP Microcomputer

Chapter: N/A / Page 17

Doc ID: DOC-1531


In table 9 (Common-Mode Pins), for pin VDDINT, change the Function:
from: Internal VDD (1.8V) Power (LQFP)
to: Internal VDD (3.3V) Power (LQFP).

For pin VDDEXT, change the Function:
from: External VDD (1.8V, 2.5V, or 3.3V) Power (LQFP)
to: External VDD (3.3V) Power (LQFP).

Last Update Date: 2017年05月08日