ADI Multichannel Source Measurement Unit (SMU) Solution


ADI Multichannel Source Measurement Unit (SMU) SolutionA source measure unit (SMU) is widely used in the field of test and measurement. Examples of where it is used include I-V characteristic curve tests for semiconductors, parameter tests for various nonlinear devices or materials, and charge or discharge tests for various types of batteries. SMUs can operate in four quadrants of a V/I coordinate axis and can measure another type of signal while outputting one. The functions that used to be completed by multiple instruments can be now realized by a single SMU. Many well proven SMU products, commonly built with discrete devices, have been put on the market. These SMUs can realize a variety of current /voltage output combinations and accurate measurement, with the disadvantages of a complex structure and high cost. This article introduces an SMU reference design that is composed of an AD5522 master controller plus voltage/current amplifier stage.


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System Block Diagram


Product Type PMU DAC ADC
AD5522 AD5601 AD7606C-18/AD7606
Product Type Reference Amp MUX
ADR431/ ADR435 LTC6090/LTC6090-5
Product Type Power    


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Further Reading

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