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RF Innovation Accelerated at the Intelligent Edge

This year at IMS we showcased the industry’s most complete, high-performance digitization and processing platform—Apollo MxFE™! Explore our demos to see how ADI’s latest RF, microwave, millimeter wave technologies, clocking, amplifier, and power solutions are working together to enable unprecedented system-level solutions for communications, instrumentation, aerospace, and defense customers.

Hear from Our Experts — Executive Panel

Bryan Goldstein

Bryan Goldstein
Vice President, Aerospace and Defense

Sponsored by Raytheon

Moderator: Sanjay Raman, Dean of Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Bryan Goldstein, Vice President, Aerospace and Defense
  • Nick Kolias, Principal Engineering Fellow at Raytheon
  • Executives from Qorvo, Integra, and Boeing

IMS Executive Forum: A&D Semiconductor to Systems Trends

This panel of RF/microwave device and system company executives will discuss current trends in semiconductor technology and how they affect system design and performance. New types of compound semiconductor technology, AI integration, RF digitization, heterogeneous integration, chiplets, 3D packaging, new thermal materials and other related topics will be discussed including how these advancements affect system architecture and improve SWaP-C.

Hear from Our Experts — Technical Session Keynote

Kevin Chaung

Kevin Chuang
Senior Principal Engineer

We3H-1: Role of AI/ML in PA Linearization for Next G Wireless

Presenter: Kevin Chuang, Senior Principal Engineer, RF Communications Systems

Hear from Our Experts — Workshops

Noureddine Outaleb

Noureddine Outaleb, PhD.
Director, Systems Design/Architecture Engineering

WSJ-5: MISO Load Modulated Power Amplifiers with Digital Predistortion

Presenter: Noureddine Outaleb, PhD., Director, Systems Design/Architecture Engineering

Anis BenArfi headshot

Anis BenArfi
Senior Engineer, Systems Design/Architect

WSB: Highly Reconfigurable Mixed-Signal RF Front-End Approaches for 5G and Beyond

Presenters: Anis BenArfi, Senior Engineer, Systems Design/Architect

Robert Dandaraw
Judy Chui
Kate Berry

Unlocking the Spectrum: Advancements in X-Band Radar, Electronic Defense, and Instrumentation with Analog Devices' 20GSPS Apollo MxFE

Presenters: Robert Dandaraw, Principal Engineer, Product Marketing, Judy Chui, Applications Engineer, and Kate Berry, Engineer, Product Applications

Join us in this workshop as we delve deep into the unique capabilities of the 20GSPS Apollo MxFE designed to enable high performance applications in X-Band Radar, Electronic Defense, and Instrumentation. Learn how to leverage the on-chip hardened DSP feature set to add significant performance and lower power. We will move beyond theory and share real world performance data, link to specific applications, and demonstrate the tangible impact on your next generation design.

Hear from Our Experts — Microapps

Eamon Nash

Eamon Nash
Applications Engineering Director

Sam Ringwood

Sam Ringwood
System Platforms Manager

TUMA23: MATLAB and the Phaser Development Kit

Presenters: Sam Ringwood, System Platforms Manager, Analog Devices and Robin Getz, MathWorks

This session delves deeply into the application of MATLAB connectivity for the simulation, analysis, and optimization of the Analog Devices CN0566 phase array Phased Array (Phaser) Development Platform. The integrated use of MATLAB with the reference design enables advanced signal processing, visualization, and algorithm development. The primary objective is to underscore the tangible benefits and potential applications of this integration within the specific domains of microwave and radar technologies, offering crucial insights for engineers and developers specializing in these technical areas.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones
Product Line Manager, COTS Digitizers

WEMA8: A 4-Channel Transmit/Receive, 0.1-18GHz 3UVPX Tuner+Digitizer+Processor System on Module

Presenter: Mike Jones, Product Line Manager, COTS Digitizers

A four-channel transmit, four-channel receive 3UVPX microwave tuner, digitizer and processor contained within a single 1-inch pitch chassis has been developed leveraging a multichannel high-speed digitizer integrated circuit (IC) which includes hardened digital signal processing (DSP) features. The system enables wideband digitization of 5GSPS per channel, covering a frequency tuning range between 0.1-18GHz, and is comprised of a Digitizer Base Card and a Microwave Personality Tuner. Digital offload options include on-board memory and optical Ethernet interfaces collocated with a multichannel digitizer IC on the Digitizer Base Card. Front-end networks leveraging new RFIC technology on the Microwave Personality Tuner are described.

Mark D’Amato

Mark D’Amato
Instrumentation Systems Engineer

WEMA13: 6G FR3 Signal Chain for Wireless Test Systems

Presenter: Mark D’Amato, Instrumentation Systems Engineer

The 5G cycle is still on-going, however investments in 6G R&D from academia, public and private sectors have begun. Test and measurement companies have started developing 6G proof of concepts that will help inform the 6G standardization over the next couple years. Current consensus is that 6G shall include the lower “FR3” band and a sub-THz band (90GHz+).

ADI has developed a FR3 Signal Chain for Wireless Test to accelerate our T&M customer’s development efforts. The design supports frequency from 6-18GHz utilizing ADI’s differentiated RF portfolio and ADI’s newest data converter, Apollo MxFE, that supports up to 8GHz bandwidths.

IMS 2024 Demos

View Our Aerospace and Defense Demos

Apollo MxFE: Direct RF Sampling at 40GSPS

With the ever-increasing need for wideband scanning for Comms and EW, the Apollo MxFE™ positions itself as an excellent choice for these applications given the plethora of on-chip DSP functionality. Learn how on-chip FIR filters are leveraged to cancel image power across the Nyquist boundary. A 20GHz quadrature input into adjacent ADCs swept across the desired band of interest gives Apollo MxFE the phase and magnitude information it needs to reject images up to 4GHz iBW from 2-18GHz, effectively doubling the sample rate to 40GSPS. This allows for direct sampling from 2-18GHz, all in one Nyquist.

Nevis Narrowband Transceiver: Enabling Advanced Digital Signal Processing at the Edge

Learn how you can build a compact, low power, high performance RF front end ideal for narrow band radio applications like LMR, DMR, IoT and more. Its integrated system features simplify radio design, and its advanced architecture is suitable for congested or contested radio environments where interference tolerance is critical. With a customer programmable ARM core and suite of hardware accelerators, our latest introduction is the first ADI Narrowband Transceiver to enable advanced digital signal processing at the edge. See how you can reduce the size, power and cost of your next radio platform by utilizing a software defined modem.

Wideband RF Front-end Demo with Apollo

The Wideband RF Front-end Demo with Apollo addresses many wideband architectural challenges by showcasing a complete RF Front-end solution that utilizes new frequency conversion IC's that extend operation up to 55GHz, tunable BPFs, gain-ranging SiPs, while leveraging the high sample rate of ADI's Apollo MxFE to reduce system complexity, SWaP-C, and Time-to-Market.

Apollo MxFE: DSP Features for System Level Power Savings

Apollo MxFE™ offers power efficient on-chip digital signal processing to offload FPGA compute. Included are a spectrum sniffer, programmable FIR filter, complex FIR filter, coarse and fine decimation and interpolation filters with fast hopping NCOs, and a fractional sample rate converter. By leveraging Apollo's on-chip DSP to handle the bulk of signal processing commonly performed in the fabric of the FPGA, the overall system power can be significantly reduced.

0.1-20GHz 4T/4R 3UVPX Tuner+Digitizer+Processor

ADSY1100 combines a four-channel transmit, four-channel receive digitizer, tuner, and processor into a single 1-inch pitch 3UVPX chassis. The system enables wideband digitization up to 5GSPS data rates per channel covering a 0.1-20GHz tuning range offered by the integrated RF tuner personality card. The digital-offload options enabled by the FPGA/SoC combination include optical and copper ethernet and PCIE. Additionally, the integrated AD9084 Apollo MxFE enables on-chip hardened digital signal processing (DSP) features such as low latency loopback, fast-frequency-hopping, on-chip FFT sniffing and dynamic decimation/interpolation reconfiguration.

16Tx / 16Rx X-Band Digital Phased Array Development Platform

The Quad-Apollo X-Band Digital Beamforming Development Platform is a 16-channel Tx, 16-channel Rx phased-array system enabling RADAR, SATCOM, multi-channel communications and some electronic warfare applications. Learn how four AD9084 Apollo MxFE digitizer ICs on a single board improve multi-chip synchronization and multichannel calibration methods. MATLAB user level software demonstrates how Apollo hardened DSP can be leveraged to correct digital & analog anomalies.

Low Power, High Dynamic Range, Multi-Channel GNSS Receiver

Low Power, High Dynamic Range, Multi-Channel GNSS Receiver ADI's ultra-low power GNSS receiver technology enables next generation positioning systems to achieve faster times to first fix, higher location accuracy and improved GNSS availability. With 4 software defined receive channels, <300mW power consumption and complete L-band coverage in a 7mm x 7mm package, ADI is bringing high performance and high reliability GNSS receive capabilities to devices where power and size are critical.

GaN Power Amplifiers and Biasing Solution

GaN Power Amplifiers and Biasing Solution Learn about Analog Devices’ family of GaN Power Amplifiers MMICs along with its complete ecosystem of support circuitry. Analog Devices’ GaN PA MMICs provide high multi-stage power gain, are internally matched, and AC-coupled. They also feature useful support circuitry such as integrated RF power detectors and temperature sensors. Analog Devices provides hardware and reference designs to ensure fast on/off sequencing using gate or drain pulsing. For phased array radar applications, ADI provides integrated RF Front Ends that connect directly to Beamformer ICs with integrated fast switching 0 to -5V Auxiliary DACs for state and bias control.

Phased Array System Development

ADI supports phased array development from simulation through over the air testing. This provides confidence early in the design phase that your system will scale and perform as expected, ultimately getting your products to market faster.

View Our Instrumentation Demos

6G FR3 Spectrum Analysis Signal Chain using Apollo MxFE

As wireless standards evolve from 5G to 6G, the complexity in electronic test and measurement systems increases. This demonstration highlights a complete wideband spectrum analyzer signal chain that supports the emerging 6G FR3 band with instrument grade error vector magnitude (EVM) performance of <-50dB. The reference design significantly reduces customer's development time since it includes the complete signal chain from the 6-18GHz RF Front End to Direct RF ADC (20GS/s) and supporting power and clocking solutions.

Signal Hound: Solving Emerging Test Challenges with ADI Products

Witness the benefits of ADI's differentiated and wide product breadth in customer applications. Signal Hound's latest high performance FR2 Real Time spectrum analyzer is designed using ADI's latest RF, Clocking and High-Speed Data Converter solutions. It covers frequencies up to 43.5GHz with industry leading dynamic range of 110dB. In addition, this demonstration also exemplifies the close collaboration between ADI and Signal Hound that leads to positive outcomes for both.

FR2 Signal Generation Signal Chain using Apollo MxFE

As wireless technologies evolve, the complexity in electronic test and measurement systems increases. This demonstration highlights a Signal Generator signal chain at 5G FR2 frequencies from 18-55GHz with error vector magnitude (EVM) <-50dB. It includes ADI’s newest and fastest Direct RF DAC (28GS/s) along with a FR2 RF Front End with the required clocking and power management for rapid customer evaluation and deployment.

10Gsps High-Resolution Time Domain Digitizer

ADI's latest DC-coupled digitizer platform enables high-speed data acquisition for time domain instruments covering broad signal bandwidths up to 5GHz. The dual-path design utilizes the 12bit 10GSPS high-speed AD9213 ADC in parallel with the 20bit 40MSPS precision AD4080 ADC to enable precise and accurate measurements of signals from DC to RF with a very low 1/f corner and superior noise performance. Switchable attenuation paths and separate 50ohm and 1Mohm inputs allow for a wide variety of signals to be conveniently captured and analyzed.

View Our Multi Market Power Demos

Powering the Apollo MxFE Ecosystem

ADI's Silent Switcher, uModule linear regulator, and Digital Power System Management combine to provide optimized performance for the Apollo MxFE™ ecosystem.

Silent Switcher 3 Technology

ADI's Silent Switcher 3 family features ultrafast transient response, high output current (up to 16A), and industry-leading output noise performance. The output noise of Silent Switcher 3 is even lower than LDOs, leading to a single stage solution sufficient to power noise sensitive loads without the help of LDOs. Learn about how quiet Silent Swicher 3 is in a vivid demo and how to use Silent Switcher 3 to make your systems more compact and more efficient.

Low Noise µModule Regulators for RF and Imaging Applications

ADI's low EMI Silent Switcher® µModule regulators offer single, dual and quad output, as well as a dual LDO output µModule regulator powered by an integrated EMI barrier and Silent Switcher switching regulator. With package level shielding, the LTM8060F provides improved noise performance. Learn more about how Silent Switcher technology reduce filters and LDO’s on PCB without decreasing system performance.

View Our Cloud and Communications Demos

Reduce Design Complexity for O-RAN Compliant Split 7.2A Designs

Kerberos is an 8T8R Open RAN Radio Unit reference design aimed at reducing design hurdles and accelerating time-to-market for O-RAN compliant split 7.2A designs. NewEdge Signal Solutions have taken Kerberos and reduced the form factor to enable customers across multiple markets.

Silicon Switches to Address High Power Application Requirements

The ADRF5142, ADRF5162 and ADRF5030 are new wideband, high performance, single pole double throw (SPDT) Silicon Switches that address high power application requirements with improved performance and a reduced footprint focusing on Aerospace and Defense and broadband market segment.

Advanced 8T8R RadioVerse Transceiver with Integrated Digital Front End

ADRV904x is an 8T8R Advanced RadioVerse SoC that drives best-in-class radio efficiency and performance. Supporting from 600MHz up to 7.125GHz, the ADRV904x integrates Digital Pre-Distortion, CDUC/CDDC and CFR to Accelerate Time to Market and Enhance Overall System Efficiency. Additional features including support for External LO to Maximize Application Flexibility. Further development is on-going to support a Fast Boot time and Fast Frequency Hopping Mode.

Synchronizing Three Clocks using ADF4030

The ADF4030 precision synchronizer can time align clock edges of any outgoing or incoming clocks to less than 5ps at the device pins. This enables the synchronization of clocks in systems like phase array radar, automatic test equipment and 5G timing transport, i.e., systems that contain hundreds of Apollo MxFEs, ADCs, DACs and other ICs. The ADF4030 supports JESD204B/JESD204BC for ADC and DAC clocking.