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At this year´s SPS, we revealed our new ADI Chronous™ Family of Industrial Ethernet solutions for intelligent industrial connectivity and demonstrated how ADI is supporting your vision of future factories. Whether it is motion control, process control, Industry 4.0 or the connected factory of tomorrow, simply click on the links below and learn more about our industry-first portfolio of software and hardware offerings for best-in-class connectivity solutions.

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What is needed to make the digital factory of tomorrow a success? What role does Industrial Ethernet play? And how can the new ADI Chronous™ Family of Industrial Ethernet solutions help? Find the answers in this video interview with Kevin Carlin (VP Automation & Energy) and Brendan O´Dowd (GM Industrial Automation).

In this video, you can learn more about our brand-new ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 Physical Layer transceivers. Providing low power, low latency, and robustness to operate reliably in harsh environments, these solutions are ideal for your industrial connectivity needs.



Learn from Our Experts

Tom Weingartner/Jordon Woods

"The Future of TSN in Industrial Networks"

Tom Weingartner, Director, Embedded Networking Solutions and Jordon Woods, Director, Deterministic Ethernet TG

Over the past few years the ground swell of interest in Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and the drive to Industry 4.0 has placed industrial systems on a clear path to migrate to TSN-based technology. What is not so clear is the direction TSN is headed because of its diverse set of specifications – TSN has become many things to many people. In order to set a course for TSN in industrial systems and have a common set of specifications, industry has come together in an unprecedented level of cooperation to define an “industrial profile” under the direction of the IEC/IEEE 60802 Joint Working Group. This presentation focuses on the future and what it takes to make the deployment of TSN in industrial networks a reality.

Watch Video: The Future of TSN in Industrial Networks

Maurice O'Brien

"The Future of Ethernet Physical Layers in Industrial Systems"

Maurice O’Brien, Strategic Marketing Manager, Industrial Connectivity

As industrial systems increasingly adopt Ethernet connectivity, enhanced Ethernet physical layer technology is required to enable reliable operation in harsh industrial conditions, over extended ambient temperatures. G-bit real-time Ethernet communications requires low latency while sensor/actuator applications require low power whilst supporting single twisted pair cabling up to 1km (10BASE-T1L). This presentation discusses new Ethernet physical layer technologies for tomorrow’s Industrial communications systems.

Watch Video: The Future of Ethernet Physical Layers in Industrial Systems

Jonathan Lay

"The Future of Process Control Connectivity"

Jonathan Law, Director, Process Control

The process control market has been dominated by 4-20mA control loops since the 1950’s with very good reason, but now we see the emergence of an Ethernet based standard that is likely to dramatically change the market in the near future. This presentation discusses the transition to 10BASE-T1L and likely deployment scenarios.

Watch Video: The Future of Process Control Connectivity

View Our Industrial Ethernet Demonstrations

ADI Enabling Ethernet to the Field with 10BASE-T1L Connectivity

Learn more about ADI´s Industrial Ethernet leadership role in defining and enabling Ethernet to the Field and watch this video about the new IEEE 802.3cg/10BASE-T1L physical layer standard communicating over 1km of single twisted pair cable. See ethernet connectivity to different field instruments simultaneously running a combination of Industrial Ethernet protocols, and providing digitized process measurements and control.

Learn more on our Chronous™ page

Synchronized Motion Control over Gigabit TSN Network

One highlight at ADI´s booth was our innovative Gigabit (Gbit) Time sensitive network (TSN) connectivity solution that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Our demonstration for servo and robotics applications showcased both standard Ethernet traffic and time-critical traffic in a converged network, enabling seamless factory upgrades and flexible manufacturing. Also, see how ADI’s security approach provides encryption and authentication on top of Gbit TSN technology.

Learn more on our Chronous™ page

Synchronized Motion Control over EtherCAT Network

See the deployment of Ethernet using one of today’s industrial protocols, EtherCAT, in a time critical synchronized motion application, that enhances production quality and efficiency. Learn more about our industrial servo and robotics implementations and discover the value of ADI´s real time, multi-protocol network switch technology in combination with motion control offerings. The demonstration involves a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) from Beckhoff which acted as the motion master on a 100Mbit EtherCAT multi-node network.

Learn more on our Chronous™ page

Partner Demonstrations at the ODVA Booth and the PI Booth

EtherNet/IP over the new 10BASE-T1L Ethernet Standard

Visitors at the ODVA stand had the chance to see a first ever demonstration of IEEE’s 802.3cg Ethernet standard (T1L) and ODVA’s EtherNet/IP protocol using ADI Industrial Ethernet solutions. The demonstration showed IO that was controlled over a 10BASE-T1L Ethernet link from across the hall at the ADI Stand using a Rockwell Automation PLC supporting the EtherNet/IP protocol. In addition to demonstrating 10BASE-T1L’s long distance capability, the IO devices were also powered over the 10BASE-T1L link. Intrinsic Safe operation can be added as an option.

Learn more on our Chronous™ page

RapID Platform Generation 2 with PROFINET

At the PI Stand, we demonstrated ADI’s next generation PROFINET network interface solution. The RapID Platform Generation 2 (RPG2) has an improved, more compact form factor while reducing power and increasing PROFINET protocol processing performance. The demonstration showed compatibility with Siemens PLCs while emphasizing ease of use in field device applications. RPG2 supports RT, IRT, and MRP with future support for PROFINET@TSN.

Learn more on our Chronous™ page

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