Power You Can Trust
at APEC 2023
Power You Can Trust
at APEC 2023

March 20 - 22
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL
Booth 360

All electrical systems need Power. Next-generation applications are requiring higher power density solutions that are driving an increase in cooling and overall system cost. The deployment of space-constrained, mission-critical systems like automated manufacturing, digital health systems, data centers, electric vehicles, aerospace systems and more, demand reliable, high-performance power solutions that deliver increased power efficiency, performance requirements and safety while driving down complexity, system cost and solution size.

Visit ADI at booth 360, and explore power solutions you can trust to accelerate time-to-market and deliver best-in-class performance for your next power design.

APEC 2020

Hear from Our Experts

Alexandr Ikriannikov headshot

Alexandr Ikriannikov
ADI Fellow

Wednesday, March 22, 2023
2:20 PM – 2:45 PM ET

Evolution and Comparison of Magnetics for the Multiphase DC-DC Applications

This presentation reviews the different approaches for magnetics in multiphase DC-DC converters. Conventional discrete inductors (DL) are used as a benchmark against coupled inductors (CL) and TLVR. Boosted coupled inductors (BCL) are introduced to address the main TLVR problem. A performance-based Figure of Merit is proposed to compare the different magnetic structures. A notch coupled inductor (NCL) is proposed to maximize the introduced FOM. Experimental results confirm a significant performance advantage of the proposed optimization. This comparison methodology should be very helpful for engineers that design multiphase converters, need to compare different design options and optimize the power systems.

Learn About Our Demos

OCP ORV3 Battery Backup Unit Reference Design

Learn about ADI's complete solution for the Open Compute Project (OCP) Open Rack V3(ORV3) Battery Backup Unit (BBU). ADI's analog and digital parts and solutions, which include electrical, mechanical, and software architecture, are engineered to meet the customer's written application specifications. These devices and solutions are easy to implement and offer low component count and hence small form factor.

Optimizing Power Solutions for RF Signal Chain Systems

See how ADI's methodology to meet power domain sensitivity and realistic power supply noise requirements optimizes power solutions for RF signal chain systems. This methodology utilizes various power supply design optimizations, including RF transceivers, RF amplifiers, high speed ADCs and DACs, and more.

Power Design Tools

ADI offers some of the industry's best-known tools--LTspice®, LTpowerCAD®, EE-Sim® DC-DC, and EE-Sim OASIS—supporting nearly 1,000 power IC’s to help engineers design power supplies with speed and confidence. Yet we are striving to serve engineers even better! Come by our booth to discuss your ideas about how to enhance our current and future power tools.

High Power Hot-Swap Controller with PMBus

See ADI's latest Hot-Swap controller, the LTC4286. It has been designed to support 12V to 54V applications and power levels of several kilowatts which makes it well suited for data center and communications platforms. The LTC4286 also combines ease of use with accurate PMBus telemetry.

Multiphase Power Solutions for Datacenter Server

Discover ADI's server power products, including the MAX20848 12PH CFP controller and MAX20856/46 5x6 and 4x6 CFP power stages. These solutions provide top tier efficiency while conforming to common footprint standards.

Low Noise µModule Regulators for RF and Imaging Applications

Low Noise µModule Regulators for RF and Imaging Applications ADI's low EMI Silent Switcher® µModule regulators offer single, dual and quad output, as well as a dual LDO output µModule regulator powered by an integrated EMI barrier and Silent Switcher switching regulator. Learn how the Silent Switcher architecture and ultra-high PSRR LDO technology reduce filters and LDOs on a PCB without decreasing system performance.

Simplified Bidirectional Sources for Devices Power Supply

ADI’s simplified bidirectional multiphase buck or boost controllers use one bidirectional source while still providing dual bidirectional supply for the device power supply. This smaller solution, and use of 1 bidirectional supply, significantly reduces required space. By also utilizing the multiphase aspect of the controller, it can be designed to higher current applications.

Silent Switcher® 3 Technology

Witness the industries leading ultra-low noise performance of ADI's Silent Switcher 3 family. The Silent Switcher 3 is a game changer in various noise sensitive applications, including 5G wireless, defense, instrumentation, etc. In additional to ultra-low noise, the Silent Switcher 3 brings system-level benefits, including smaller solution size and higher efficiency.

48V to 12V IBV Converter Solutions

Learn about ADI's regulated and unregulated solutions for 48V to 12V intermediate bus voltage (IBV) converters. The demo will showcase two different solutions: 1) Very high efficiency (98.5%) 4:1 STC with dedicated controller enabling ZCS across operating conditions and BOM variations and 2) Regulated VOUT multiphase buck converter utilizing ADI's patented Coupled Inductor Magnetics to achieving 97.6% efficiency at 1.2kW in a quarter-brick size.

54Vin, µModule Regulator Solutions to Power FPGAs and ASICs

Observe ADI's µModule regulator solutions in action, including our 54Vin featuring direct and two-step conversion. Our LTP8800-1A, a non-isolated direct conversion µModule regulator with 150A out, provides a low voltage directly from the 54V bus with a single µModule device. Learn about ADI's wide variety of µModule regulators for two-step conversion, including the LTM4681 ,125A POL µModule Regulator and LTM4660, 250W bus convertor µModule regulator. Several of these µModule regulators can be current shared to support higher current applications up to 1,000A.

Multiphase Leaderless Buck-Boost Controller

Learn about ADI's new 4-phase buck boost solution that operates without the need of a leader/follower in the setup. This solution can provide 4-phase operation or operate in 3-phases with 1 phase acting as backup when another fails.

It demonstrates other significant improvements over our popular LT8390 (Buck-Boost Controller) by expanding buck-boost controller into Kilo-Watt power application, having accurate and programmable Dead Time, and consuming 30uA of quiescent current (more than 50x better than LT8390).

2.7 V to 16 V Monolithic Buck Regulators for Cloud and 5G

Explore ADI's family of PoL design resources available to facilitate prototyping, optimize IC performance, and reduce design lead-time. Included are the EE-SIM device models, EVKIT manuals, reference design, and Excel-based system design tool. Witness first hand the configurability, telemetry reading, and fault reporting of the MAX20830 PoL family through PMBUS communication.

Multiphase Power and Solutions for Datacenter AI

ADI's Open Accelerator Module (OAM) offers a full solution for OAM needs. The offerings are highlighted by ADI's multiphase solution utilizing ADI's patented Coupled Inductor Magnetics that enables high power density with power-stages and magnetics on opposite sides of the board. In addition to OAM cards, ADI offers flexible phase counts and form factors. ADI's latest magnetics IP enables transient performance equal to TLVR without sacrificing efficiency or current capability.