APEC 2019 Due to concerns over COVID-19, Analog Devices has cancelled our exhibition at APEC 2020. To learn more about our power technology view the links below and visit www.analog.com/power. We look forward to seeing you at APEC 2021.

Preview Our Demos

Automotive USB-C PD Buck-Boost Power

Stop by and see our 4-switch buck-boost converters for automotive USB-C PD supplies, high power type-C chargers of different sizes and actually charging attendees devices at different power levels to show how our boards work. Discover how ADI solves power, emissions, thermals, and size issues which impacts automotive power applications for USB type-C chargers in future vehicles.

High Voltage Boost Converters for Automotive LiDAR, Pre-Boosts and General Purpose Supplies

Engineers are always challenged to deliver simple, compact designs that can fit in tight spaces and meet EMI requirements. This demo shows how LT8365 and LT8331 switching regulators meet these demands in boost, SEPIC or inverting topologies, while providing high efficiency and low EMI. Synchronous monolithic boost regulators will be on display as well.

800A (100A x 8) uModule Regulator with Component on Package Technology

This informative demo shows packaging innovation for faster cooling of high-power µModule regulators from top, four sides and bottom of package. The LTM4700 is a dual output 50A, single 100A with PMBus I2C digital interface in 11.9 x 22 x 7.87mm package size. Markets and applications include datacenters, FPGA, ASIC,GPU, PCIe Boards, medical, industrial, and test & measurement equipment.

Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR LDOs

With ultralow output noise and ultrahigh PSRR performance, ADI’s LT3042/3045/3093/3094 family can directly power some of most noise-sensitive applications while post-regulating the output of a switching converter, without requiring bulky filtering. See for yourself and compare the output noise performance of LT3045 against traditional low noise LDO, and see additional low noise LDO demo boards on display.

High Current PSM Point of Load Converters

Visit the ADI booth and see proof of how data centers and telecom applications can leverage very high current, high phase count (8-phase) solution with high density, high efficiency and small size.

Monolithic buck-boost converters

Monolithic Buck-Boost Converters cover a wide range of application, anywhere the input voltage is above, below or equal to the output voltage. Analog Devices has a broad portfolio of Buck-Boost solutions. Application areas include industrial, automotive, communications, and others. Stop by the ADI booth to learn how our solutions can solve your application problems.

Tiny 5V, 12A Buck Converters in 3x3 LQFN Package and Low Power Wireless Battery Charger Solutions

Come see how big things can come in small packages. The LTC33XX Low Voltage (5V) Buck family of parts are ideal for optical and automotive markets and feature output currents up to 12.5A. While our wireless battery charging demos prove simplicity and smaller size can be seamlessly integrated into Healthcare and IoT applications.

High Efficiency 48V/54V Bus Converter Solutions

Witness the ADI high power density solution with power level over 1kW for telecom and datacenter markets/applications. These proven solutions—highlighting several 48V/54V bus converter solutions — feature high efficiency along with high power density.