Analog Devices’ University Program in India

Problem Statements

Anveshan 2018

Smart City:

  • Water Quality and Management: Conceptualize and demonstrate a solution which can address the issue of water quality/scarcity through the use of sensors, connectivity and cloud analytics. This issue could be addressed at multiple stages – water source, supply/distribution channels, points of consumption/contamination and processing.

  • Air Quality: Conceptualize and demonstrate a solution which can help address the issue of air quality either at the source of pollution or at the individual level. Use of the appropriate sensors, connectivity and apps/analytics could possibly influence a rethink of the processes which generate the pollutants and lead to control, or could help the individuals take effective measures to protect themselves from those pollutants.

  • Smart Grid: When it comes to electrical grid, the first and foremost target for India is to achieve self-sustained, reliable and always available supply of clean electrical power. Conceptualize and demonstrate solutions which help monitor, connect and control various elements of the grid to make it smart.

Smart Industry:

  • Machine Health Monitoring: Identify a machine whose health, performance, or reliability can be monitored or improved. A machine can be mechanical, structural or electronic, and can address any industry, market and need!

  • Industry 4.0: Conceptualize and demonstrate solutions that can improve productivity, operational efficiency, worker and environmental safety, reduce downtime in an industrial plant through the smart use of sensors, connectivity, data analytics, predictive maintenance and diagnostics.

Smart Lifestyle:

  • Connected Person: A device/service which could help improve the safety/productivity of a worker, whether on a factory floor or at a desk job, through the use of sensor and algorithms which could help anticipate potential problems and alert the worker before they occur, or provide useful information/inputs which could help the person perform the job better. The same concepts could be extended to improve the safety of women/children outside the home, or elderly people at home/outside.

Smart Agriculture:

  • Produce Quality: The food retail industry would immensely benefit from a solution which could help segregate the agricultural produce (fruits/vegetables/grains/milk etc.) based on their quality at the point of collection. There’s a possibility to use various sensors and algorithms to distinguish a good tomato from a bad one, for example, or to even identify the use of inorganic fertilizers/pesticides.

  • Food Supply Chain Management: One of the problems which plagues the exploding retail food supply industry is the degradation in quality or complete loss of perishable food items in the course of transit, either from the point of collection to the warehouse, or from the warehouse to the consumer. A device/service which could address this important issue which could help improve the food quality for the consumers and minimize rejection and losses for the suppliers.

Smart Healthcare:

  • Smart Diagnostics: India ranks 154 among 194 countries in healthcare index. An important element of good health is to detect diseases by early diagnosis and move towards preventive healthcare mindset. Conceptualize and demonstrate a point of care device/service to detect biomarkers present in human blood, serum, urine and saliva that can help diagnose a certain kind of disease.

  • Counterfeit Drugs Detection: Pharmaceutical industry is the most counterfeited industry in India. Reports suggests that counterfeit drugs has claimed more lives in India than terrorism over the last 40 years. One in every seven drugs is counterfeit in India. Conceptualize and demonstrate a device or solution that can effectively address the problem.