Analog Devices’ University Program in India

Anveshan Guidelines

Anveshan 2018

  • The team's entry must be their original work.
  • The entry, in part or full should not have been published / patented / submitted for any other similar competition.
  • The entry should not have been supported fully or partially by any private/public-funding agency.
  • Entries report shouldn't violate any copyright / patent / publication norms.
  • All participating team members should declare their current affiliation.
  • The abstract (and not full details) of the entries submitted will be in the public domain.
  • Student team members shall be students of an academic institute in India for academic year 2017-2018.
  • Each team shall have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 students.
  • Student teams are required to have a faculty advisor from the university as a mentor. Please review the terms and conditions before submitting.
  • Student teams shall provide necessary approvals from respective institutes to participate in this Fellowship.
  • The Anveshan design could also be part of the student's final year project with necessary approvals from the department and faculty advisor.

Format of Proposal

The proposal must be written within 4-6 single spaced pages, including figures, tables and references. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you are strongly encouraged to use pictures and videos in your proposal. We encourage you to upload a video to YouTube along with your proposal presentation as well. The proposal you submit should not be more than 5MB in size. The URL of the video should be shared in the proposal Document as well as in the Summary column. View "Proposal Format & Submission Guidelines" (PDF).

The proposal should clearly state

  • What product, solution, algorithm, technology or application you are planning to build?
  • What motivated you to plan on building this?
  • Why is it different and innovative?
  • What are your motivations and plans on taking this project forward?
  • High level block diagram or flowchart
  • A video explaining the solution
  • What is the plan of action and how would you proceed if you are the finalist?
  • What solutions, tools, evaluation boards, platform would you require?

Note: Please do not add details about your Institution, faculty member and team members in the proposal document. This is to review the project without any bias.