What Really Drives Your Electric Vehicle (EV)?

An introduction to ADI's isolated solutions for Vehicle Electricification. The webinar will address the basics of digital isoaltion, the main areas where isolation is neccessary in EV applications, and then introduce some solutions, with a focus on isolated gate drivers, to allow customers to succesfully design their EV solutions.

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Eric Benedictはアナログ・デバイセズのシニア・アプリケーション・エンジニアです。パデュー大学でBSEEおよびMSEE、ウィスコンシン大学マディソン校でMSEEおよびPhDの学位を取得しました。

Paul Maher has nearly two decades of progressive industry experience in IC Design, Systems engineering, Project/Program Management and Strategic Marketing, with a focus on BMS systems and more recently Power Conversion. He has a B.Eng, MSc, and MBA and is currently a market segment manager in Analog Devices E-Mobility group.