Taking Control of Smart Meters with Diagnostic Data

Utilities are using smart metering to analyze electricity consumption patterns, but are not fully using diagnostic data to maintain and operate their meters. This webcast will discuss new in-meter health monitoring trends and will introduce ADI's mSure® technology. mSure® enables utilities to remotely access, monitor and diagnose machine health and take action before it becomes too late—thus saving overall operating costs and protecting revenue.

  • Presenter
  • Mark Strzegowski

    Senior Marketing Manager

Mark Strzegowski is the Senior Marketing Manager for Analog Devices’ Energy Management Products group, where he is responsible for the Utility Metering and Transmission and Distribution markets.

David Lathは、アナログ・デバイセズのアプリケーション・マネージャです。主に電力メータリングと産業分野向けの電力計測製品を担当しています。電力計測ICの製品群と電力メータ市場向けのmSure技術の開発に深く関与してきました。コロンビア大学で電気工学の学位を取得しています。