Modern Inertial Applications for Aerospace and Defense

There are challenges in MEMS technology today that existing options are either too large or overall performance is inefficient. The latest family of ADI MEMS addresses this. As ADI surpasses the 1 degree per hour IMU barrier, small MEMS devices can now be incorporated into newer technologies like soldier wearables, small munitions, and barrel stabilizations systems along with historical applications such as ADAHARS, UAVs, and vehicle stability.

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Sean D'Arcy joined Analog Devices in 2015 and is part of Aerospace and Defense Marketing Team, focusing on Aviation, Unmanned Systems, Missiles and Munitions. With over 20 years in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Sean has supported development and upgrade programs for platforms such as the C-130 Hercules, MQ-9 Reaper, B-2 Spirit, F-16 Falcon, U-2 Dragon Lady and the X-47B. He is a multi-engine fixed wing pilot, has owned an aviation company, worked for two major Defense Contractors and the Johnson Space Center.