LIDAR Perception for Autonomous Applications

This webcast discusses the ongoing challenges in developing a broadly commercializable LIDAR system for Autonomous applications. Various LIDAR architectures are presented and their associated trade spaces are explored, revealing the hard decisions that must be made in order to balance the system's performance, power and cost. To address the identified challenges in LIDAR system design, a cross-section of ADI's LIDAR capable products is given.
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  • Presenter
  • Matt Hazel

    LIDAR System Architect

Matt Hazel graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since joining Analog Devices in 2006, Matt accumulated more than 12 years of product development experience supporting automotive safety critical applications such as Passive Safety (airbags), Active Safety (Electronic Stability Control) and, more recently, LIDAR perception for Autonomous Vehicles. Including his current role as LIDAR System Architect, Matt has held a variety of roles at Analog Devices, including MEMS Failure Analysis Engineer, MEMS Applications Engineering Mgr. and LIDAR Applications Engineering Mgr.