Fundamentals of Frequency Synthesis, Part 2: Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)

This month we conclude our two-part series on frequency synthesis, with an introduction to Direct Digital Synthesis. We will give a basic review of how a direct digital synthesis system works, touching on the inner workings of the DDS engine at a relatively high level. We will also discuss the tradeoffs between PLL and DDS technology as a base choice for frequency synthesis needs.



  • Presenter
  • Jeff Keip

    Senior Marketing Manager, High Speed DDS Portfolio

Jeff Keipは、半導体業界で20年ほどの経験があります。そのうち15年以上、周波数合成製品に取り組んできました。この9年間はアナログ・デバイセズの高速DDS製品シリーズの責任者として活躍しています。