Deep Learning for Radio Frequency Systems

Deep learning within RF shows promise for dealing with a congested spectrum by enhancing reliability and simplifying the task of building wireless systems. In this webinar we will discuss a software defined radio that can perform real-time DSP and deep learning with an NVIDIA GPU and an Analog Devices front end. We'll discuss system performance, training of RF data, software used to deploy algorithms, and take a deep dive into one application.

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  • Presenter
  • John Ferguson

    CEO of Deepwave Digital

John Ferguson is CEO of Deepwave Digital, a Philadelphia-based startup enabling seamless integration of artificial intelligence into wireless technology. Previously, John was a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the senior professional staff at Johns Hopkins University's applied physics laboratory. He holds a B.S. in applied mathematics and applied physics from Appalachian State University and an M.S. and Ph.D. in materials science from Cornell University.