Leveraging the Strength of Modeling with Powerful Simulators

Accelerating the Design Process and Time-to-Market with Synopsys Saber Models for ADI Components

Model availability coupled with a powerful system simulator is the key challenge for virtual design and validation in today’s electrification era. Analog Devices (ADI) and Synopsys have collaborated to address this challenge. This collaboration provides ADI model libraries for DC/DC ICs and µModule® (micromodule) regulators with Synopsys' industry-leading simulation tool, Synopsys Saber.

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  • Presenter
  • Philip Cooke
    Senior Manager, LTspice Modeling, Industrial Platform & Technology

Phil Cooke has been with Linear Technology and then Analog Devices for over a decade now. Focused on creating switching power converter designs for IC Product Development followed by LTspice models of all types to provide virtualization support to our customers. With an MSEE in Power Electronics and over 33 years of experience from the milliwatt to megawatt power levels, Phil has the practical background, analytical skills, and intuition to create, optimize, and verify models for our customers.

  • Presenter
  • Hemalatha M

    Applications Engineer, Synopsys

Hemalatha M graduated from the Louisiana State University, USA with a master’s degree in VLSI. With more than 5 years of experience as Saber Applications Engineer, she is actively involved in supporting automotive and aerospace customers with design examples, technical articles, solutions for power electronics design simulations, hybrid electric vehicle powertrain simulations and modeling. Before joining Synopsys, Hemalatha was involved in modeling, designing and simulating modules for various chassis system ECUs like ABS/ESP and other braking systems at Bosch, India.