Accelerate Smart Manufacturing with complete system level solutions for condition monitoring and robotics motion control from Analog Devices

Highly connected and intelligent factories with real time communication and integrated asset monitoring is a requirement for Industry 4.0. The actionable insights provided by the sensing solutions reduce system downtime and extend the lifetime of the assets in such factories. As smart manufacturing utilizes more robotics to enable higher levels of automation there is a requirement for seamless multiprotocol connectivity solutions. This webinar introduces Analog Devices system level solutions for condition based monitoring, multiprotocol ethernet and modular robotics prototyping to accelerate solution development for Industry 4.0.

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Richard Anslowは、アナログ・デバイセズのシステム・アプリケーション・エンジニアです。オートメーション/エネルギー事業部門のコネクテッド・モーション/ロボティクス・チームに所属。専門は状態基準保全と産業用通信を対象とする設計技術です。アイルランドのリムリック大学で工学分野の学士号と修士号を取得しています。

Sankalp Sieghardt earned his ME degree from UCD and worked as a high speed signaling applications engineer and as a business development lead before joining ADI as a Systems Marketing Engineer.