PBGA (Plastic)

Plastic Ball Grid Array, 1.0 and 1.27mm pitch

chip image

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Package Outline Material Information
119-Ball PBGA (14mm x 22mm) (b-119) pdf pdf
169-Ball PBGA (19mm x 19mm) (b-169) pdf PDF
225-Ball PBGA (23mm x 20mm) (b-225-2) pdf pdf
260-Ball PBGA (19mm x 16.95mm) (b-260) pdf pdf
297-Ball PBGA (27mm x 27mm) (b-297) pdf pdf
304-Ball PBGA (31mm x 31mm) (b-304) pdf pdf
316-Lead PBGA (23mm x 23mm) (b-316) pdf pdf
324-Ball PBGA (19mm x 19mm) (b-324) pdf pdf
385-Lead BGA (35mm x 35mm) (b-385) pdf    
400-Ball PBGA (27mm x 27mm) (b-400) PDF PDF
484-Ball BGA (19mm x 19mm) (b-484) pdf pdf
625-Ball PBGA (27mm x 27mm) (b-625) pdf pdf
676-Ball PBGA (27mm x 27mm) (b-676) pdf pdf