ADI High Temperature Products and Application

Application Introduction

As we know, the typical industry ambient temperature is −40°C to +85°C. However, there are some harsh industrial environments where the ambient temperature exceeds this range, such as in oil and gas exploration, or other heavy industrial activities. Because these temperatures can exceed more than 150°C, the following ADI high temperature products were designed for environments in the 175°C to 210°C range.

ADI High Temperature Products Value

•    Designed for High Temperature            •    Low Power Consumption
•    Repeatable and High Performance      •    Small Packages

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The signal chain


The signal chains above are representative of high temperature application systems. The technical requirements of the blocks vary, but the products listed in the table are representative of ADI's solutions that meet some of those requirements.
Product Type 1. Amplifier (AMP) 2. Instrumentation Amplifier (INA) 3. Voltage Reference (REF) 4. Accelerometer 5. Temperature Sensor
· AD8634 · AD8229
· ADR225
· ADXL206 · ADT7312

Design Tools  
· ADIsimPower™: ADI Voltage Regulator Design Tool
· ADIsimOpAmp™: ADI OpAmp Design Tool
· EngineerZone™: Online Technical Support Community

Design Resources  
Analog Dialogue Article
· High Temperature Electronics Pose Design and Reliability Challenges, Analog Dialogue, vol46n4
Demo Video
· High Temperature Operation of an In Amp and Accelerometer
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