Using a DC Supply for Powering the Evaluation Control Board3

This note describes how to connect a DC supply for supplying power to the EVAL-CONTROL BRD3 (and Eval-CONTROL BRD2) when an AC 12 V 1 A wall transformer is not used. Also, a DC supply can be used when making sensitive measurements and the AC line voltage is noisy.


A dual-output DC supply with ±17 V, 1 A

Connecting to the EVAL-CONTROL BRD3

Three connections are required to power the board properly. These are for +17V, -17V and GND. Figure 1 shows the EVAL-CONTROL BRD3 and where the GND connection should be made. Figure 2 is a zoomed in region (for clarity) where the +17V and -17V DC connections should be made. Figure 3 shows the portion of the EVAL-CONTROL BRD3 schematic.

Image 2

Eval-Control Board 3

Eval-Control Board 3