LTspice: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are an alternate way to invoke one or more commands in LTspice that would otherwise only be accessible by clicking through the menu or toolbar. You can view these shortcuts for the schematic editor by choosing:

Tools > Control Panel > Drafting Options and clicking Hot Keys.

LTspice IV: Keyboard Shortcuts

Hot Keys can be reprogrammed by selecting a command and then pressing the key or key combination for the command. For example, you may want to reprogram the Undo, Redo and Duplicate (Copy) commands to a more traditional key combination. To remove a shortcut, select the command and press Delete.

Additional Hot Keys are also available for the Waveform Viewer, Symbol Editor and Netlist Editor.

For a complete reference table of Hot Keys, DOT commands and more you can download the LTspice Flyer at or from the right side panel.

LTspice IV: Keyboard Shortcuts



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