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RF Applications

ADI partners with customers to Instrument the Future. Leveraging industry-leading capabilities, we enable technological advances, further scientific discovery, and improve quality of life. ADI delivers complete solutions from antenna-to-bits and measurement-to-information.

RF Technology Solutions

We offer the industry’s most complete RF portfolio with a unique combination of design skills, deep systems know-how, and a diverse range of process technologies, including GaAs, GaN, SiGe, SOI, and CMOS. That’s the difference behind the industry’s broadest portfolio of RF ICs, covering the entire RF signal chain from bits to beams, and from DC to beyond 100 GHz.

With over 1,000 high performance RF ICs, and a wide range of single-chip and module package options, we offer a rich selection of high-performance RF function blocks, as well as highly integrated transceiver solutions for virtually every application serving the communications, test and measurement instrumentation, industrial, commercial, and aerospace/military markets.

Through strategic partnerships, Analog Devices is enabling groundbreaking advancements in 5G, autonomous vehicles, remote healthcare, manufacturing, instrumentation, satellite communications, aerospace and defense and more. Read the case-studies below for proof of ADI’s commitment to leveraging RF technology to help businesses bring innovations to market faster and with more reliability.

Helping the Factory of the Future

Learn why manufacturers are turning to wireless solutions to decrease maintenance costs and downtime, and how partnering with domain experts reveals the need-to-haves from the nice-to-haves.

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Helping the Factory

RF Applications Reshaping Satellite Communications

Learn how one startup’s low-cost, high-performance, out-of-the-box solution is disrupting the space communications industry and bringing broadband connectivity to places on earth where it is critically needed.

Learn About ADI's RF Applications in Space

Applications Reshaping