The strategic advocate council provides the Analog Devices University Program advice and support to develop online and downloadable software and teaching materials, online support, textbooks, reference designs and lab projects to enrich students' education about analog circuits and their application to core engineering and physical science curricula. ADI is proud to introduce the distinguished members who make up the strategic advocate council.

Local Strategic Advocates

John RobertsonJohn Robertson

John Robertson is a professor in the Department of Engineering Technology, College of Technology and Innovation, at Arizona State University, and a former Motorola executive responsible for new product design.

Hands-On Learning Gets Real
University engineering programs aim to offer students, hands-on learning. Recent innovations are making that easier and cheaper. Read full article.

Kathleen MeehanKathleen Meehan

Kathleen Meehan is ECE associate professor in the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.

Send the Lab Home
Why today’s engineering students need a portable lab bench at their fingertips. Read full article.

Kenneth ConnorKenneth Connor

Kenneth Connor is a professor in the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering and director of the Mobile Studio Project at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. 

When Every Day is Experiment Day
How RPI’s studio classroom model morphed into a new way of teaching that’s lecture-free and a lot more fun. Read full article.

Clint ColeClint Cole

Clint Cole is an electrical engineering professor at Washington State University and president of Digilient, Inc., in Pullman, WA., which provides technology-based educational design tools to more than 2,000 universities in 70 countries. A former paramedic, Cole went on to work at engineering companies developing portable defibrillators before entering academia and founding Digilent in 2000.

How to Create Future Engineers – One Laser Trip Wire at a Time
Students who get to experiment with real-world engineering tools might just want to make a career of it. Read full article.

Robert BowmanRobert Bowman

Robert Bowman has spent many years in industry and academia, the last five years as Lab Director of The Analog Devices Integrated Microsystems Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology and before that head of RIT’s electrical engineering department. Previously, Bowman was director of analog and mixed-signal design for LSI Logic Inc.

The Joys of Tinkering
Personal exploration is the key to getting more kids jazzed about electronics and the world around them. New cost effective, miniature instruments create the backpack lab and help female engineering students overcome the "cockpit problem." Read full article

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