Features and Benefits

  • StallGuard2™
  • CoolStep™
  • SpreadCycle™
  • MicroPlyer™
  • 1 to 256 Microsteps
  • 2.8A RMS, 29V

Product Details

The TMC2660-EVAL allows you to explore all functions of the TMC2660-PA.

All you need to get started is a power supply and ADI Trinamic's free and easy to use TMCL-IDE. This graphical user interface allows quick setup and supports the use of commands in direct mode, monitors real-time behavior visualized in graphs, and logs and stores data. All settings can simply be exported for your own firmware project.

More about the TMCL-IDE

Applicable Parts


Evaluation Software

Short for Trinamic Motion Control Language-Integrated Development Environment, the TMCL-IDE is an integrated development environment made for developing applications using ADI Trinamic™ modules and chips. The GUI provides tools for easily setting parameters, for visualizing data in real-time, and for developing and debugging stand-alone applications with TMCL.