Features and Benefits

  • Bidirectional or Unidirectional Current Sensing
  • Shutdown Logic Input Control
  • Multiple Gains Available
    • Adjustable (MAX9922)
    • 25V/V (MAX9923T)
    • 100V/V (MAX9923H)
    • 250V/V (MAX9923F)
  • 2.85V to 5.5V Supply Range (VDD)
  • 1.9V to 28V Input Common-Mode Range Independent of VDD
  • Lead(Pb)-Free and RoHS Compliant
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX9922 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested PCB used to evaluate the MAX9922 and MAX9923 ultra-precision, high-side current-sense amplifiers. An ultra-low offset voltage (VOS) of 10µV (max) allows accurate measurement of currents at both extremes of sense voltages (VSENSE), from 10mV to 100mV. The EV kit has a 1.9V to 28V input common-mode sense voltage range that is independent of the 2.85V to 5.5V VDD supply.

The MAX9922 EV kit comes assembled with the MAX9922 IC with adjustable gain, but can also evaluate the MAX9923 ICs with fixed gains of 25V/V (MAX9923T), 100V/V (MAX9923H), and 250V/V (MAX9923F). The MAX9922/MAX9923 are capable of both unidirectional and bidirectional operation.


  • Handheld Li+ Battery Current Monitoring
  • Notebook/Desktop Power Management
  • Precision Current Sources

Applicable Parts