Features and Benefits

  • 2.35V to 3.6V Input Supply Voltage Range
  • 1.8V at 5A Output (Step-Down Regulator 1)
  • 1.2V at 5A Output (Step-Down Regulator 2)
  • 180° Out-of-Phase Operation Reduces Input Ripple Current
  • All-Ceramic-Capacitor Design
  • High Efficiency
  • 27mΩ On-Resistance Internal MOSFETs
  • Fully Protected Against Overcurrent, Short Circuit, and Overtemperature
  • REFIN on One Channel for Tracking or External Reference
  • Integrated Boost Diodes
  • Programmable Switching Frequency from 0.5MHz to 2MHz
  • Adjustable Outputs from 0.6V to (0.9 x VIN)
  • Individual Enable Inputs and PWRGD Outputs
  • Low-Cost Solution
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX8855 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested circuit board that contains all the components necessary to evaluate the performance of the MAX8855. The device is a high-efficiency dual step-down regulator. The EV kit is powered from a 2.35V to 3.6V DC supply.

The EV kit is capable of delivering 1.8V at 5A from output 1 and 1.2V at 5A from output 2. The device switching frequency is set to 1MHz and the two outputs switch 180° out-of-phase. High-efficiency, internal dual nMOS design keeps the board cool under heavy loads. The voltage-mode control architecture and the high-bandwidth (> 15MHz typ) voltage-error amplifier allow a type III compensation scheme to be utilized to achieve fast response under both line and load transients, and also allow for ceramic output capacitors.

Programmable soft-start reduces input inrush current. Two enable inputs allow the turning on/off of each output individually, resulting in great flexibility for system-level designs. A reference input facilitates output-voltage tracking applications.


  • ASIC/CPU/DSP Power Supplies
  • DDR Power Supplies
  • Network Power Supplies
  • Printer Power Supplies
  • Set-Top Box Power Supplies

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