Features and Benefits

  • Proven PCB Reference Design and Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Easy Evaluation of All Phase Configurations
    • 0Ω Resistors Quickly Create Multiphase Configurations
    • Jumpers and Test Points for ENSEQ, GPIOs, nRSTIO, and PHCFG
    • GUI Drives I2C Interface for Optional Software Control
  • Inputs Separatable with 0Ω Resistors for Prototyping
  • USB to I2C Converter Allows Easy Communication with Windows PC
    • Windows Software GUI Controls Registers
    • Level Translator (MAX3395) Allows for Adjusting I2C Bus Voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V
  • On-Board Transient Load Emulates System Loading
    • Covers Full 12A Load Range (with 4Φ Configuration)
    • Control Using an External Function Generator

Product Details

The MAX77511/MAX77711 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested printed circuit board (PCB) that demonstrates either the MAX77511 or MAX77711 powermanagement integrated circuit (IC).

The EV kit is a step-down voltage regulator circuit using the IC that allows for easy evaluation of each feature. The circuit is capable of 2.3V to 10V input, 3A/phase continuous load, and output voltage adjustable between 0.25V and 5.2V. The EV kit evaluates either MAX77511 or MAX77711. Both ICs are the same except MAX77711 includes a 300mA LDO.

The EV kit supports evaluation of each converter phase (Φ) configuration:

  • 4Φ (single 12A output)
  • 3Φ + 1Φ (9A output + 3A output)
  • 2Φ + 2Φ (6A output + 6A output)
  • 2Φ + 1Φ + 1Φ (6A output + 3A output + 3A output)
  • 1Φ + 1Φ + 1Φ + 1Φ (four 3A outputs)

Three on-board transient loads allow users to exercise the full capability of the buck regulator or LDO. Windowsbased software provides a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) as well as a detailed register-based interface to exercise all the features of the IC.


  • 2-Cell Li+/Li-ion Equipment
  • DSLR, Mirrorless, HD Video, and Action Cameras
  • Embedded Microprocessors, FPGAs, or ASICs
  • Notebook Computers and Robots

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