Features and Benefits

  • Proven PC Board Layout
  • SPI 4-Wire Serial Interface
  • On-Board Reference Circuitry
  • On-Board Reset Circuitry
  • Assembled and Tested
  • Include Windows 98/2000/XP-Compatible Software

Product Details

The MAX5893/MAX5894/MAX5895 evaluation kits (EV kits) are fully assembled and tested circuit boards that contain all the components necessary to evaluate the performance of this family of interpolating and modulating dual digital-to-analog converters (DACs). The EV kit boards include circuitry that converts the DAC differential output currents to single-ended voltages. The EV kits also include circuitry that generates a clock signal from an AC sine-wave input signal.

The included evaluation software runs under Windows® 98/2000/XP, providing a graphical user interface (GUI) to exercise the features of the MAX5893/MAX5894/MAX5895 through the use of an SPI™ interface.

The MAX5893/MAX5894/MAX5895 EV kits provide a proven PC board layout to facilitate evaluation of the MAX5893/MAX5894/MAX5895. The EV kits must be interfaced to appropriate timing signals for proper operation. When using the EV kits without the CMOD232 command module, connect the system-side power (VMOD), ground-return (GND), and interface (SCLK, CS, DIN, DOUT) signals to the pads on the PC board (see Figure 5). Refer to the MAX5895 data sheet for timing requirements.

The MAX5895 evaluation software runs under Windows 98/2000/XP on an IBM® PC, interfacing to the EV system board (CMOD232) through the computer's serial communications port. See the Quick Start section for setup and operating instructions.

Order the complete EV system for comprehensive evaluation of the MAX5893/MAX5894/MAX5895 using a personal computer. Order the EV kit if the command module has already been purchased with another Maxim EV system, or for custom use in other microcontroller (µC)-based systems.

The MAX5893/MAX5894/MAX5895 EV kits can be used to evaluate the MAX5893 (12-bit), MAX5894 (14-bit), and the MAX5895 (16-bit) digital-to-analog converters. See the Ordering Information table for instructions on how to order the EV kit (and EV system) with these devices preinstalled.


  • Analog Quadrature Modulation Architectures
  • Base Stations: 3G UMTS, CDMA, and GSM
  • Broadband Cable Infrastructure
  • Broadband Wireless Transmitters
  • Instrumentation and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)