Features and Benefits

  • Wide 4V to 72V Input-Voltage Range
  • Preset 5V LDO Output Voltage
  • Preset 7V Boost Preregulator Output Voltage
  • Adjustable LDO Output Voltage from 1.5V to 9V
  • Adjustable Boost Preregulator Output Voltage Up to 11V
  • Jumper-Programmable ENABLE and Active-Low HOLD Functions
  • Programmable Active-Low HOLD Time Period
  • Surface-Mount Components
  • Lead-Free Evaluation Kit
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX5092 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount printed-circuit board (PCB) demonstrating the MAX5092B, a low-dropout (LDO) regulator with internal boost preregulator. The EV kit operates from a 4V to 72V input voltage and delivers up to 250mA from a preprogrammed 7V boost preregulator output (BSOUT) and 5V LDO output (VOUT). Both the LDO and the boost preregulator output voltages are programmable using external resistors.

The MAX5092 EV kit features include on-board jumper settings that allow for evaluation of the ENABLE and active-low HOLD functions of the MAX5092, a power-on-reset output (active-low RESET) to indicate LDO out-of-regulation conditions, and a programmable active-low RESET time period.

The MAX5092 EV kit can be configured to demonstrate the MAX5092A (3.3V LDO output) or the MAX5093A/MAX5093B. To evaluate the MAX5092A, replace the IC with the MAX5092A. To evaluate the MAX5093_, the addition of an external Schottky diode is required. See the Configuring for the MAX5093_ section in the full data sheet to modify the MAX5092 EV kit for the MAX5093_.

The EV kit comes fully assembled and tested, is qualified lead-free, and is rated for an operating temperature range of 0°C to +70°C.

Warning: The MAX5092 EV kit is designed to operate with high voltages. Dangerous voltages can be present on this EV kit and on equipment connected to it. Users who power up this EV kit, or the power sources connected to it, must be careful to follow safety procedures appropriate when working with high-voltage electrical equipment.


  • Automotive: Body Electronics
  • Automotive: ECU
  • Industrial

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