Features and Benefits

  • 6.5V to 45V Input Voltage Range
  • Up to 250mA Output Current
  • 3.3V or 5V Regulated Output
  • Package Dissipates Up to 3.5W at TA = +70°C
  • Remote Output-Voltage Sensing Capability
  • Active-Low Microprocessor Reset with 50ms Reset Timeout Delay

Product Details

The MAX5086 evaluation kit (EV kit) allows the user to evaluate the features of the MAX5086 high-voltage linear regulator including the remote output-voltage sensing capability. This EV kit is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount board.

The MAX5086 EV kit supplies an output current of up to 250mA at a 3.3V or 5.0V output and operates up to a 45V input voltage. This EV kit also includes connections for the active-low microprocessor reset output and enable input.

Warning: The MAX5086 EV kit operates with high voltages. Dangerous voltages are present on this EV kit and on equipment connected to it. Users who power up this EV kit or power the sources connected to it must be careful to follow safety procedures appropriate to working with high-voltage electrical equipment. Under severe fault or failure conditions, this EV kit may dissipate large amounts of power, which could result in the mechanical ejection of a component or of component debris at high velocity. Operate this EV kit with care to avoid possible personal injury.


  • Automotive
  • Home Security/Safety
  • Industrial
  • Networking

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