Features and Benefits

  • Boost/Buck Maxim Proprietary Control Architecture
  • Integrated Protections for Eye Safety, PWM Pulse width Timer, and LED Current Monitor
  • PICO Board and Graphical User Interface for I2C Control, Diagnostics, and PWM Generator
  • On-Board IR Emitter Load

Product Details

The MAX25614 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a proven design to evaluate the MAX25614A/MAX25614B/MAX25614C/MAX25614D automotive infrared LED Driver. The EV kit has an I2C interface with MAX32625PICO microcontroller that enables programming parameters such as LED current, LED slew rate, switching frequency, etc. This also helps with fault monitoring and signal sensing. The EV kit operates from a 5V to 18V DC supply voltage. It is configured to deliver up to 5A to one or two strings of LEDs. The total voltage of the string can vary from 0V to 32V. The high-current driver uses fixed-frequency average current-mode control. The LEDs can be connected by using the on-board IR LEDs or using on-board external connection pads. The anode of the LED string should be connected to the LED1+ terminal. For two string applications, connect one string anode to LED1+ and connect the second-string anode to LED2+. The cathode of the LED string(s) should be connected to LED- for both one string and two string applications.


  • Automotive Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
  • Automotive Occupant Monitoring System (OMS)
  • Night Vision
  • Optical Inspection/Machine Vision