Features and Benefits

  • Enables quick evaluation of the LT5401 with a fully differential amplifier
  • Standalone, fully differential evaluation board with high CMRR vs. frequency (82 dB at 1 MHz)
  • High gain precision over full operating temperature range (0.01%)

Product Details

The Analog Devices, Inc., EVAL-LT5401_32FDAZ allows the user to evaluate the performance of the LT5401. The LT5401 is an ultraprecision matching resistor network used to configure the gain of a fully differential amplifier. The on-board LT5401 is paired with a 300 MHz, fully differential amplifier circuit (the ADA4932-1).

The EVAL-LT5401_32FDAZ accepts either a single-ended or a differential input signal.

Optimized power and ground planes ensure low noise and high speed operation. Component placement and power supply bypassing allow maximum circuit flexibility and optimal performance.

Full specifications on the LT5401 and the ADA4932-1 are available in the LT5401 and ADA4932-1 data sheets, respectively. Consult the data sheets in conjunction with this user guide when working with the EVAL-LT5401_32FDAZ.


  • Fully differential amplifiers

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