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The EV1HMC8415LP6G evaluation board consists of a two layer PCB fabricated from 10 mil thick Rogers 4350B copper clad or equivalent, mounted to an aluminum heat spreader. The heat spreader assists in providing thermal relief to the part as well as mechanical support to the PCB. Mounting holes on the heat spreader allow it to be easily attached to larger heat sinks for improved thermal management. The RFIN and RFOUT ports are populated by 2.9 mm female coaxial connectors and their respective RF traces are of 50 ohm characteristic impedance. The board is populated with components suitable for use over the entire Operating Temperature range of the part. Because the HMC8415LP6GE is intended for pulsed DC bias operation, a separate drain pulser PCB is provided to simplify evaluation without the need to create a custom pulser. The drain pulser PCB has four layers and is fabricated from Isola 370HR or equivalent. For information regarding the required connections, DC biasing via the drain pulser, and typical performances, refer to the HMC8415LP6GE data sheet.

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