Features and Benefits

  • Board supports ADPD6000 population
  • 4 separately driven LEDs included: 1 green LED at the center, 1 red LED, and 2 infrared LEDs
  • Four channels of PD input: two channels with single PD, and two channels with double PD
  • Works with the VSM Client evaluation software allowing
    • Time domain graphing and logging
    • Selection of supported functions, including PPG, BIA, and ECG
    • Real-time data display with the various combinations of the functions

Product Details

This user guide describes the operation of the EVAL-ADPD6000Z demonstration kit, which is an evaluation module for the ADPD6000.

The ADPD6000 is a fully integrated analog front end (AFE) for wearable vital signal monitoring (VSM) devices. The key functions of the ADPD6000 include photoplethysmography (PPG), electrocardiography (ECG), and body impedance analysis (BIA).

The demonstration kit includes both software and hardware. The EVAL-ADPD6000Z can evaluate the AFE feature and verify the system design based on the AFE. According to the requirements of the application, the user can use a cable connection or Bluetooth connection to establish communication between the PC and the EVAL-ADPD6000Z.

This user guide also describes the example configuration of the different functions of the ADPD6000.

For full details on the ADPD6000, see the ADPD6000 data sheet, which must be consulted in conjunction with the user guide when using the EVAL-ADPD6000Z.

Getting Started


  • USB to Type-C cable
  • 3.7 V battery
  • Electrode board
  • Soft cable to connect EVAL-ADPD6000Z and EVAL-VSMUCZ
  • Wrist strap


Evaluation Software

124.91 M
VSM Client Setup (Rev. 1.3.0)
A Windows client solution of VSM products from ADI which can adjust PPG, ECG and BIOZ corresponding parameters, plot signals and optimize signals through some simple algorithms.
1.06 M
ADPD6000 SDK Setup (Rev. 1.3.0)
The ADPD6000 SDK library is a collection of APIs that provide a consistent interface to the Multimodal Sensor Front End Devices.