Features and Benefits

  • Supports the detection of UART
  • UDP transfer capability
  • ADPD144RI full configuration
    • Register level
    • High level
  • Graph view
    • Time graph
    • Frequency graph

Product Details

The EVAL-ADPD144RIZ-EB evaluation board provides users with a simple means of evaluating the ADPD144RI, a complete photometric system designed to measure optical signals from ambient light and from synchronous reflected light emitting diode (LED) pulses. The evaluation system includes the Applications WaveTool graphical user interface (GUI) that provides users with low level and high level configurability, real-time frequency and time domain analysis, and user datagram protocol (UDP) transfer capability so the evaluation board can easily interface to the user development system.

The EVAL-ADPD144RIZ-EB can interface with two different types of microcontroller boards, the EVAL-ADPDUCZ or the EVAL-ADPDM3Z microcontroller boards. Using the EVAL-ADPDUCZ requires a ribbon cable, this is obtained separately.

The design of the evaluation board is optimized for ear based photoplethysmography (PPG) measurements.

For additional information on the functionality of the ADPD144RI, refer to the ADPD144RI data sheet.


Evaluation Software

62.63 M
Wavetool Evaluation Software (Rev. 5.21.0)
A user datagram protocol (UDP) transfer capability from the Wavetool Evaluation Software allows data stream connections and register configurability to external analysis programs, such as LabVIEW® or MATLAB®, in real time.