Features and Benefits

  • Simple power connection using 6V wall adapter and on-board LDO voltage regulators.
  • 10 ac-coupled single-ended (differential signal recombined via a balun) output SMA connectors, with user-configurable output termination for HCSL, CML, or LVDS-compatible (default).
  • 4 configurable reference inputs, selectable between a single ended to differential reference input SMA connector.
  • 1 ac-coupled single-ended input SMA connector for system clock.
  • Pin programmable, power on ready configurability.
  • Status LEDs.
  • USB connection to PC.
  • Microsoft Windows-based evaluation software with simple graphical user interface via an ACE plug-in module

Product Details

The AD9542 evaluation board is a compact, easy-to-use platform for evaluating all features of the AD9542 dual digital PLL, synchronizer, and jitter cleaner. The AD9542 provides high-precision, multi-output clock generator functions, along with two on-chip jitter cleaning digital PLL cores. PLL0 and PLL1 are optimized for high performance synchronous clocking applications such as Synchronous Ethernet, OTN, and next generation wireless baseband protocols. The PLLs are fully configurable via serial port control as well as configurable via an external EEPROM for power on ready configurations.

The AD9542 can output up to 5 differential (or 10 single-ended) clock signals, plus two single-ended clocks driven by a mix of two high performance digital PLLs. 10 total outputs and 4 reference inputs are accessible on the evaluation board.

The output differential transmission line pairs use 50Ω single ended characteristic impedance and are connected to standard edge launch SMA connectors. The AD9542/PCBZ has a fully configurable power supply to allow the user to evaluate the AD9542 while being powered directly by a step down switching regulator or external LDOs. The AD9542 evaluation board uses RoHS-compliant FR-4 material. For convenience, detailed information from the AD9542 Datasheet has been included here. Use this user guide in conjunction with the datasheet that has been provided by ADI.

Documentation & Resources


Evaluation Software

7.35 M
Evaluation Board USB Flash Programmer
Contains the EXE file for re-flashing the USB EEPROM.