Features and Benefits

  • Up to 9GHz RF Direct sampling platform using two AD9213.
  • 20Gsps digitizer platform
  • Configurable to support I/Q sampling at 10Gsps
  • Multichip synchronization capable with 1 sample accuracy (ADF4377)
  • Software and FPGA RTL reference designs
  • Mates with Stratix10 (DK-SOC-1SSX-H-D)

Product Details

This dual AD9213 evaluation board is a wideband direct RF sampling 20GSPS digitizer platform which includes the two 12bit 10 GSPS RF ADCs. The RFADCs are time interleaved by 180 degrees, thus supporting a 20 GSPS sampling system. Synchronization performance is obtained to within 1 sample accuracy using the built-in multichip synchronization capabilities. The clock input interleaving is achieved by using the ADF4377, which is a low jitter microwave wideband synthesizer with an integrated VCO. This dual AD9213 reference design platform provides a path to scale up the bandwidth of interest or be used to enable end user algorithm development.

Documentation & Resources