Features and Benefits

  • Temperature Sensor
    • High Accuracy and Precision
      • ±0.1°C accuracy from +20°C to +50°C
      • ±0.15°C accuracy from -20°C to +85°C
    • Safety and Compliance
      • High and low temperature alarms
  • Accelerometer
    • Built-in motion detection features make tap, double-tap, activity, inactivity, and free-fall detection trivial
    • Multipurpose accelerometer with 10- to 13-bit resolution for use in a wide variety of applications
  • Inclinometer
    • Digital self-test function
    • Configurable alarm function
    • ±180 output format option

Product Details

The EV-STRUCTURAL-ARDZ is a vibration sensor that uses the ADXL343 digital output MEMS accelerometer chip and the ADIS16203 programmable 360° inclinometer. Aside from providing vibration data, this sensor node also features the MAX30210 digital temperature sensor which gives the option to shut down sensitive machines and equipment for smart motor sensing applications.

The on-board inclinometer can be used to detect if the horizontal position of the sensor changes, which points towards a collapse of the structure where the sensor was deployed.


  • Structural health sensor
  • Tilt sensing, inclinometers
  • Platform control, stabilization, and leveling
  • Motion/position measurement
  • Monitor/alarm devices (security, medical, safety)

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