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Demonstration circuit DC3170A‐A/‐B features the LTC7883 and LTC7051 in a high current, high efficiency 4-phase step-down converter. The LTC7883 itself is a 4-channel, 4-phase, voltage mode step‐down controller with a PSM interface. The LTC7051 is a SilentMOS™ smart power stage that integrates high speed drivers with low RDS(ON) MOSFETs. The DC3170A‐A/‐B comes in two different assembly types, which are specified below:

DC3170A‐A: LTC7883 + LTC7051 Demo Board with Four Outputs

  • VOA0 = 0.75V/50A
  • VOA1 = 0.9V/50A
  • VOB0 = 1.0V/50A
  • VOB1 = 1.2V/50A

DC3170A‐B: LTC7883 + LTC7051 Demo Board with Single Output

  • VOUT = 1.0V/200A, 4‐phase

The DC3170A‐A/‐B operates with a switching frequency of 500kHz over an input voltage range of 7V to 14V. Each LTC7051 is driven by a three‐state PWM output of the LTC7883, while the LTC7051’s current sense and temperature outputs are monitored by the LTC7883. The DC3170A‐A/‐B does not require external serial bus communications to run. It uses settings pre‐programmed in the non-volatile memory of the LTC7883.

To fully explore the extensive power system management features of the LTC7883, download LTpowerPlay® onto the PC and use ADI’s I2C/SMBus/PMBus dongle DC1613A to connect to the board. LTpowerPlay allows the user to reconfigure the LTC7883 while running, store the configuration in non-volatile memory, view telemetry of voltage, current, temperature, fault status, and more. For more details and instructions on LTpowerPlay, see the LTpowerPlay Software GUI section of this manual. The LTC7883 and LTC7051 data sheets provide a complete description of the IC operation and application information and must be read in conjunction with this demo manual.

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