Product Details

Demonstration circuit DC2870A is a Linduino® shield for Mean-Squared Power Detector LTC5596. It is set up for quick evaluation of RMS RF power measurement using the Arduino/Linduino compatible platform and software download available here. When connected to PC with USB cable, accurate power level can be monitored using the graphic user interface.

The LTC5596 is a wide dynamic range linear-in-dB Mean Squared RF Power Detector, operational from 100MHz to 40GHz. The Linduino (DC2026C) platform provides 10-bit ADC at 4.9mV/LSB resolution with 5V default reference voltage. Input dynamic range with 1dB accuracy is up to 35dB depending on frequency. The detector output slope is normally 6 LSB/dB. The DC2870A Demo Circuit is optimized for wide operational frequency signals up to 40GHz using the 2.9mm SMK edge mount connector. Input impedance is internally matched to 50Ω. It is suitable for RMS measurements of high crest factor waveforms up to 12dB peak-to-average. No external coupling capacitor is necessary if DC voltage at RFIN pin is kept below 1.0V. On board 3.3V regulator provides power to the shield by jumper JP1. Contact applications support for more information.

Design files for this circuit board are available.