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Demonstration circuit 2365A highlights the LTC2358 family of buffered input ADCs. The LTC2358/LTC2357/LTC2353/LTC2333 are low noise, high speed, 16-/18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADCs with integrated front end buffers. These ADCs accept a wide common mode range. Pico-amp inputs and high CMRR enable these ADCs to connect directly to a wide range of sensors without compromising measurement accuracy. The demo manual refers to the LTC2358-18 but applies to all parts in the family, the only differences being the number of bits, number of channels and the maximum sample rate. The LTC2358-18 has a flexible SoftSpan interface that allows conversion-by-conversion control of the input voltage span on a per-channel basis. An internal 2.048V reference and 2X buffer simplify basic operation while an external reference can be used to increase the input range and the SNR of the ADC.

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