Features and Benefits

Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale+ XCVU35P-3FSHV2892E FPGA.

  • One (1) FMC+ connector.
  • Twenty (24) 32.75Gbps transceivers supported by one (1) FMC+ connector.
  • On-board HBM DRAM in FPGA.
  • Simple USB 3.0 port interface.

Product Details

When connected to a specified Analog Devices high speed converter evaluation board, the ADS10-V1EBZ works as a data capture/transmit board. Designed to support the highest speed JESD204B/C data converters, the FPGA on the ADS10-V1EBZ acts as the data receiver for high speed ADC's, and as the transmitter for high speed DAC's.