Features and Benefits

  • Provides the user with a platform to evaluate the features and performance of the evaluation kit​
  • Allows the user to prototype and test their IoT applications before moving on to full-scale development​
  • Provides tools for analyzing the power consumption of the device, helping the user to optimize their applications for energy efficiency​
  • Includes development tools, libraries, and documentation to assist user in writing and debugging their code​
  • Helps the user analyze and study the different modulation schemes, data rates, and other parameters relevant to IoT communication​
  • Comes with user-friendly interfaces, documentation, and software tools that simplify the integration process which can save developers time and effort when incorporating the LR1110 into their IoT devices​

Product Details

The AD-MAX32LRWISE-SL development kit is a tool intended for designing solutions based on low-power, long range proprietary radio communication technique. This platform features the LR1110, an RF transceiver based on spread spectrum modulation techniques derived from chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology, and supports a frequency range from 800 MHz to 960 MHz. This solution is also based on the MAX32670 ultralow power microcontroller based on ARM Cortex-M4 processor.​

The platform comes in an Arduino Uno form factor, with two PMOD connectors, and an ESP32 Dev Kit connector for easy-to-connect sensors and signal conditioning add-on modules. Complete with working software and hardware, as well as software examples, this kit makes it easier for customers to prototype and create connected systems and solutions for IoT applications.​

The base platform is accompanied with various Analog Devices add-on hardware but is also compatible with 3rd party hardware. A free programming and debugging tool called Maxim SDK is also provided by Analog Devices.​

The AD-MAX32LRWISE-SL development kit is complete with 1 base board, 1 sensor node, gateway setup essentials, and other accessories. However, customers also have the option to avail of the components individually as intended for their application development.​

  • Base Board:
    • MAX32670-LR-ARDZ Base board (can be purchased separately)​
  • Component Sensor Node:
    • EV-CATTLETAG-ARDZ Smart Livestock Tracking and Health Monitoring Sensor (can be purchased separately)​
  • Gateway Essentials and Other Accessories (can be purchased separately)​
    • RAK5146 PiHAT Kit
    • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
    • MAX32625PICO rapid development Board
    • RPi4 Power Supply
    • MicroSD Card
    • LAN Cable


    • Battery-Powered Medical Devices
    • Industrial Sensors
    • Optical Communication Modules
    • Secure Radio Modem Controller
    • Smart Sensor Controller
    • System Housekeeping Controller

Documentation & Resources

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