Features and Benefits

Demo Kit Includes:
  • OMU1-S-RF module
  • USB A/B cable
  • USB-OPTO Daughter Board
  • UART-ISO Daughter Board
  • CD with Software and Documentation

Product Details

The Teridian Outlet Measurement Unit, Model OMU1-S-RF, is a low-cost power monitor utilizing the Teridian 78M6612 SOC. The Teridian 78M6612 monitors the AC line voltages and load current, and controls switching of an internal load relay. The embedded firmware calculates the RMS line voltage and RMS load current, watts, VA, VAR and power factor. The real time data is transmitted to a PC for display in a Windows® based Graphical User Interface (GUI). The 78M6612's UART interface is used as the communications link to a customer supplied RF module for the OMU1-S-RF.

The OMU1-S-RF evaluation kit is intended to be used for development and integration of a separate communications interface. Included with the OMU1-S-RF is a pair of isolated daughter boards and a Windows based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for simplified access to the following measurement data and controls:

  • Power, current, voltage and power factor indicator dials
  • Adjustable display scales
  • Minimum and peak parameter tracking
  • Selectable strip chart display format
  • Narrow-band versus Wide-band measurement
  • Selectable sample size averaging
  • Accumulated energy usage and expense tracking
  • Line frequency
  • Alarm indicators
  • Programmable Alarm thresholds
  • Internal load relay (16A) control
  • Data log to file
Alternatively, the user can directly query the device with the command set using HyperTerminal and the provided 6612_OMU_S2_URT_V1_13 Firmware Description Document.


  • Communication Power Supplies
  • Computer Power Supplies
  • Consumer White Goods
  • Home and Commercial Automation

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