Voltage Detectors

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Low-cost, SC70 Voltage Detectors

Part Details
  • Preset Reset Thresholds: 4.6V and 2.6V (2.3V also available for MAX6806 only)
  • ±2% Accurate Reset Thresholds
  • Reset Output Available in Active-Low (MAX6806), Active-High (MAX6807), and Open-Drain (MAX6808) Versions
  • Immune to Power-Supply Transients
  • Active-Low RESET Valid to VCC = 1.0V (MAX6806/MAX6808)
  • 35µA Supply Current
  • No External Components
  • Manual Reset Available with 4-Pin SOT143 Package
  • Miniature 3-Pin SC70, 3-Pin SOT23, and 4-Pin SOT143 Packages
  • 8 Lead µMAX and 8 Lead SO Packages are Pin Compatible with the MC33064/MC33164/MC34064/MC34164
Additional Details
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The MAX6806/MAX6807/MAX6808 precision voltage detectors are ideal for accurate monitoring of power supplies in digital systems. They provide circuit reliability and reduce total cost by eliminating external components and adjustments.

The MAX6806/MAX6807/MAX6808 assert a reset signal whenever the supply voltage (VCC) falls below the factory-preset, ±2% accurate threshold. Internal hysteresis ensures stable switching. The MAX6806/MAX6807/MAX6808 are available in 4.6V and 2.6V thresholds (2.3V is also available for the MAX6806 only). The MAX6806 features a push-pull active-low RESET output; the MAX6807 features an active-high, push-pull RESET output; and the MAX6808 features an open-drain, active-low RESET output. Active-low RESET is valid for VCC down to 1V (MAX6806/MAX6808), and RESET (MAX6807) is guaranteed for VCC down to 1.2V.

The MAX6806/MAX6807/MAX6808 are available in 3-pin SC70, 3-pin SOT23, 8-pin µMAX®, 8-pin SO, and 4-pin SOT143 packages. The SOT143 package includes a manual-reset input.


  • Bar-Code Scanners
  • Computers: Desktop, Workstation, Server
  • Controllers
  • Critical µP and µC Power Monitoring
  • Intelligent Instruments
  • Portable Battery-Powered Equipment

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